Connect Magazine is pleased to announce our annual Best Choice Awards. With over 25,000 more votes than last year, it by far registered the most nominations and votes than in any previous year.  There’s no selection committee deciding who is nominated; or who wins. It was you, our readers, alone. And a lot of you to boot! Congratulations to the winners and finalist of the 2018 Best Choice Awards. We hope you find fun and inspiration in reviewing this year’s honorees. 
Your nominations highlight the best of Bulloch County. Your enthusiastic participation is a perfect example of our community’s vibrancy, the invigoration of its citizens and the investment people have in our community. What a great place to call home!
We love to vote for our favorites. It’s not only fun and entertaining, but it encourages support for our local businesses; who are the heart and soul of our beloved community. Those who are committed to the well-being and vitality of the place we all call home. Your engagement is fuel for our county. Which is why it is so exciting that so many of you took time to vote. We live in a vibrant community with many successes all around us.  It is essential that all of us patronize local businesses and support our community leaders. Thank you.
Congrats again to all the winners and finalists of 2018. And many thanks to our Connect-readers who got the vote out for their local favorites.

Warmest Regards,

Stephanie Childs
Publisher, June 2018
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